Air compressor for laser cutting machine
Air compressor for laser cutting machine
Air compressor for laser cutting machine
Nov 6, 2020

Although the use of air compressors is very wide, the threshold is not high. The number of companies producing air compressors is increasing every year, which directly leads to more and more fierce competition in the air compressor market.

Every air compressor company is racking its brains to explore new industry applications. In the past two years, a typical and popular market segment is the laser cutting field.

So, next we will tell you how to choose an air compressor for the laser cutting machine.

If compressed air is used as auxiliary gas on the laser cutting machine, it has the following uses: (1)cutting gas (2)cylinder power gas source (3)light path positive pressure dust removal

Among them, cutting gas is the main gas, accounting for about 80~90% of the total gas demand. If the auxiliary gas source is oxygen or nitrogen, compressed air is required for the other two purposes, but the flow is very small, and compressed air for ordinary power is sufficient.

Compressed air, as an auxiliary gas for laser cutting, mainly has three aspects: pressure, flow rate and air source quality.


When the laser power is large enough, the higher the pressure, the better the cutting quality and the higher the cutting efficiency. But if the laser power is not high enough, no matter how high the pressure is, it will not help. After all, the laser power is large enough to melt the cutting material faster. However, currently on the market, the pressure of the air compressor supporting the laser cutting machine has continued to rise, from 8 kg to 13 kg to 15 kg in the early days, and it is currently developing to 20 kg. At the same time, the price of high-power laser cutting machines is also falling. Therefore, when purchasing an air compressor, it is recommended that users try to keep the pressure higher than lower. It is better to choose a higher pressure, so as to be compatible with later more powerful cutting machines.

Flow rate

The flow rate mainly depends on the size of the nozzle. As mentioned earlier, the nozzle accounts for 80~90% of the air consumption. The nozzle of the laser cutting machine has many specifications, and there are 7 common specifications: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0. The determination of this flow rate can be obtained by calculating the nozzle flow rate, or inquiring through the nozzle flow table, or directly inquiring the laser cutting machine manufacturer.

Air source quality

The quality of compressed air has a very direct effect on the quality of laser cutting. Compressed air contains water mist and oil. If it is not cleaned, high-pressure spraying on the protective mirror of the laser cutting head will seriously affect the transmission of the laser beam, disperse the focus, and cause the product to be cut through and produce waste. Ultra-high power laser cutting machine may also burn the laser head Therefore, the compressed air system of the supporting laser cutting machine is extremely sensitive to the content of oil and water, and requires no oil, water and dust. In fact, the biggest difficulty of the compressed air system supporting the laser cutting machine is the drying and purifying device of the compressed air. For oil removal, you can choose oil-free products in principle, such as oil-free pistons, oil-free scrolls, oil-free screw or micro-oil screw compressors to remove oil through multi-stage filtration. The removal of water requires a dryer, and the performance of the dryer must be very superior. To remove dust, a high-precision filter set with sufficient precision is required to fully filter out oil and dust particles.

Compressed air after treatment

The pressure dew point needs to reach 2~5℃ Residual oil content≤0.001 ppm Particle content ≤0.01 μm

Currently in the industry, special products launched for laser cutting machines. Usually the micro-oil screw and post-processing equipment are skid-mounted together to form a complete air source system This kind of compressed air system is usually more scientific, more reliable and more secure than the user purchasing a single product for configuration, or handing it over to a middleman for configuration. If you have more questions about air compressor, you can contact Elang team, we will be very friendly to answer you.

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