How Elang Screw Air Compressor to be used in Power Plants?
How Elang Screw Air Compressor to be used in Power Plants?

How Elang Screw Air Compressor to be used in Power Plants?

Dec 5, 2022

Most power plants will use steam boilers, and the high-pressure steam generated by the boiler drives the turbine, thus driving the generator to generate electricity. However, the boiler is oil fired or coal fired, which will produce a lot of dust. If it sticks to the wall of the boiler, it will reduce the heat conduction power of the boiler. Therefore, the ash removal system required by the power plant is used to prevent dust from entering the boiler. What are the applications of Elang air compressor to be used in power plants and what are their effects?

1. Used to purge dust

Incineration generates a lot of dust attached to the inner wall of the boiler, which accumulates for a long time, resulting in a decrease in heat transfer power and an increase in fuel costs. The heat efficiency of the water jacket furnace is low to a certain extent, or the pipe wall is blocked and cannot be ignited. At this time, the maintenance cost is relatively high and the service life of the water jacket furnace is shortened. therefore Elang screw air compressor is used to blowing and purging the dust for boiler.

2.For pneumatic and pneumatic tools

1). The water treatment system of power plant is generally divided into boiler make-up water treatment system and industrial wastewater treatment system. There are some pneumatic diaphragm valves and pneumatic surfaces between these valves and the external system equipment, and the actions are completed by the air compressor plant. In the wastewater treatment system, part of the compressed air is also used in pneumatic equipment;

2). The air compressor is used in the power plant to purge the pipeline, sometimes for pneumatic tools.

In addition, the operation of thermal power generating units in power plants requires many control surfaces to support operation, and the actions of these control surfaces are controlled by the screw air compressor plant.

  • Elang Screw Air Compressor

  • Elang Screw Air Compressor

Elang 4units 280kw screw air compressor with 10KV 50Hz has been just finished the installation on the power plant recently, below the pictures for reference. If you have the requirement for air compressor to be used in power plants, warmly welcome to send inquiries.

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